Statement of the Embassy of Germany in Budapest [Update]

Update Sept 3, 2015: Pashto translation at the end of post [Scroll down for translations]

The German embassy in Budapest issued a statement, stressing that the registration of refugees must happen in the country where they entered the European Union. Contrary to previous announcements, Germany will not let refugees enter until they are registered in Hungary.

The statement is available in Hungarian and English at

This post collects Arabic, Farsi, Turkish, Urdu, and Pashto translations of the statement. The translations were originally posted on Facebook by Zsuzsanna Zsohár, Petra Ambrus,, Veronika Pándi, and Abdul Ahad Nasiri.

This is not official communication, but it’s meant to help those who seek information.

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An historic note on refugees

Every day, new tidings arrive from Russia about the slaughter of Jews. Russian Jews flee towards Galicia, and they might be upon the Hungarian border in a day or two. Counties like Nyitra, Szatmár, and Szabolcs are sending memorandum after memorandum to the Parliament, demanding a stop to this immigration […].

(Gyula Krúdy: A tiszaeszlári Solymosi Eszter, IV., 1931, my translation)

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I was a stranger and you did not receive me

Some governments in Europe are raving against foreigners, economic immigrants as they like to call them. They try not to be so inhumane as to exclude refugees, but in effect they are: they do mean to exclude anyone who’s trying to cross their border. This becomes apparent the moment you walk up to the border and meet the immigration authorities.

Some days ago, in an absurd and rather unpolished move, the Hungarian government posted a number of billboards telling immigrants to stay away. An example: “If you come to Hungary, you must not take away our jobs!” (Hungarian language uses exclamation marks more often than English.) Or:  “If you come to Hungary, you must respect our culture!” Which made me exclaim, culture my backside. What culture is it that tells strangers off without hesitation, without respect to individual human life? Continue reading