An #LGBT person…

…is a human being. That alone is enough for me. And it should be enough for you, too. That alone commands the utmost respect and – yes – love.

A human being deserves all possible protection when others use words or force to exclude them from humanity – for something they can’t help, or for the way they choose to love, which doesn’t hurt anyone else. No matter the reason, really.

It’s also an honor to be human. I’m grateful that I can think. That I’m empowered to create things that didn’t exist before. That I can enjoy beauty. That I can choose and learn to love. That I’m not a plant or a fly or a rabbit. That the world is much more open to me than to them. It really is a lot to be thankful for.

But to earn that honor, you must respect these in other human beings. Giving in to hatred and fear is giving up your humanity – by refusing to think and love and make sensible choices. You can’t judge, dehumanize, kill your fellow human beings, you can’t even just look the other way – and stay human yourself.

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